Admission Office: (703) 971-8004

Admission/School Office: (703) 971-8004

DRESS CODE: Dress Code for Summer Camp will be appropriate to our activities and to our standard of modesty. More specifically, sneakers, socks, modest shorts / skirts, and one piece bathing suits (while swimming only) are a must. Campers are required to wear Summer Camp t-shirts each day. Five t-shirts are provided the first day of camp. No sandals are permitted except on pool days. The Administration is the final authority in the interpretation of the dress code.


BEHAVIOR / DISCIPLINARY: While Summer Camp is a less structured environment, students are still expected to follow certain rules for reasons of safety and so that everyone can have an enjoyable experience. The following policy will apply during Summer Camp for minor and serious infractions.

  1. Initial misconduct that is not of a serious nature will be handled by camp staf
  2. Continued misconduct by campers will receive the following actions:
    1. First instance – referral to Camp Director and call to parents
    2. Second instance – one day suspension
    3. Third instance – one week suspension
    4. Fourth instance – expulsion
  3. The following serious instances of misconduct will result in an immediate suspension or expulsion at the discretion of the Camp Director: fighting, destruction of property, vandalism, profanity, vulgarity, inappropriate physical contact, stealing, threats of violence, direct disobedience, bullying (verbal, written, physical, or electronic), blatant disrespect to staff or students, possession or use of a weapon, possession or use of illegal drugs (weapons or drug violations may also result in the authorities being contacted)


THREAT OF VIOLENCE: CRCS Summer Camp has a no tolerance policy involving threats or perceived threats of violence by students. Any threat of violence, either credible or non-credible will be immediately investigated by the administration. If the administration determines that the threat of violence is credible, the student will be expelled immediately. If s/he is also a CRCS School student they will not be permitted to re-enroll/enroll in the school program. The school will also contact the authorities.

If the Administration determines the threat of violence is not credible, the Summer Camp will suspend the student for a minimum of one day. After a parent meeting the Summer Camp will require, at parents’ expense, the student to obtain counseling from a professional counselor that is agreeable to the school. No student will be able to continue enrollment until the counselor advises the school that the student, in the counselor’s opinion, does not present a threat of danger.


CELL PHONE / ELECTRONICS POLICY: Cell phones are permitted at CRCS Summer Camp; however, they must be turned off on school property. During Summer Camp hours, no student may carry a cell phone on his/her person. The phone must be kept in their book bag or summer camp tote bag. Students may not display a cell phone or use it for any reason while on CRCS premises or at Summer Camp field trips, at any time.

Violation of this cell phone policy will result in immediate confiscation of the phone. Parents must pick up the confiscated phones from the Summer Camp Director. Additional violations will result in a disciplinary referral to the Summer Camp Director.

Using any recording device to make pictures or videos on CRCS property, school buses or CRCS sponsored events is not permitted at any time.

Parents who wish to contact their child may do so through the school office.

Calvary Road Christian School is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged cell phones or electronic devices.

The above policy is also applicable to all other electronic devices, including, but not limited to Blackberries, PDA’s, digital cameras, iPods, Game Systems, etc. unless written permission is obtained from the school administration.


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