Calvary Road Christian School Academics



The foundation of a child’s worldview is rooted in the core beliefs he or she accepts from an early age. For our Kindergarten through sixth grade students, CRCS offers our students an education that encourages a commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, the development of Christian character, excellence in academics and service to others.

Program Overview

Kindergarten Grades 1,2,3 Grades 4,5 Grade 6
Bible Bible Bible Bible
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
Science Science/Health Science/Health General Science
Phonics Phonics/Spelling Spelling/Vocabulary Medieval World History
Reading Reading Reading English Literature & Composition
Writing Writing/Grammar Writing/Grammar Creative Arts
History History History Chapel
Handwriting Handwriting Handwriting Library
Chapel Creative Arts Creative Arts Music
Creative Arts Chapel Chapel Physical Education
Library Library Library Spanish
Music Music Music Technology
Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education
Spanish Spanish Spanish
Technology Technology Technology
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Due to the COVID-19 health issue, Calvary Road Christian School will be closed through the remainder of the school year 2020 (June 5, 2020). Voicemail messages and emails are being monitored and will receive responses.