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Preparing your Child for Kindergarten

Preparing your Child for Kindergarten

One of the hallmark periods of the parent journey is getting your children ready for Kindergarten. It is both exciting and scary. Many parents feel that they are in the dark, or at least in a fog, when it comes to tackling this task. Naturally, preparing your child for kindergarten

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Making His-Story

In America, we set aside the month of February to celebrate Black History. Doing this places a focus on Black Americans who have contributed to the American experiment. It is important not to forget that this experiment is still in motion. On Sunday, February 12, 2023 (which also is the

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Giving Thanks

Giving, Thankfulness, and Providence

One very important part of our mission at CRCS is to turn the eyes of our students outward. One way we approach this is to include service projects that call on students to give to a local community group that supports those who are less fortunate than they are. Suffice

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Seeking Divine Intervention for Your Children

For us at Calvary Road Christian School, we have purposed ourselves to raise academic scholars who will seek God’s will for their lives. This is simple…and challenging. Children are free agents, as we all are. They can make good and bad decisions, as we all do. It is very difficult,

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Back to School – Getting Ready

It is that time of year…again. Seems to come around faster and faster. And comes at all of us with more and more to prepare for. Order and chaos can both reign. We certainly want order. But chaos is the default if order is not planned for. So how should

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Children of Influence

As a loving parent, you desire that your child’s life will count. You want him/her to take the skills and talents that God has given them and use them to impact this world for the better. Your vision is emotional and passionate. You may even, at times, have to step

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Memories, Gifts, and Promises

Memories are powerful. Memories connected to the Christmas season can be even more so. They can bring great joy or pain depending on the circumstances. Often what may have seemed a painful experience at first, upon reflection, is later seen as a life lesson that brings a deeper and better

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liar blog post

My Child, Lie…??

One of the most difficult things for any parent to accept is the act of their child lying. As a parent you want to believe that your child is being truthful with you. What parent does not want that? You want to believe that your child will do the right

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Steps for Pandemic Recovery

Recently, a superintendent of a highly rated school system in the mid-Atlantic area of the country spoke to a local chamber of commerce. During those remarks, he shared a very candid statement about the impact of the pandemic on education. He said, “We are going to be recovering from this

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Identity – Who Am I?

With the advent and explosion of the digital and social media world, it is obvious to anyone that people, especially young people, have jumped heartily into the identity game. Between posting selfies, videos, pictures, and tweets, they are doing anything to get some attention. To be identified as someone who is

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