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Why Christian Education?

As we enter 2018, many parents are already preparing for school year 2018-19. Some have already made their decision about where their children will attend school. Others are still in a contemplative and discovery process in pursuit of this decision. One of the most important, if not the most important, decision a parent can make is where and how their children will be educated.

At CRCS during our tours, we regularly hear from parents who are contemplating Christian education for their children. Some parents are not Christians. Nonetheless they are exploring Christian education for different reasons: class size, safety, education quality, and moral character development just to name a few.

If you look out into society, it is apparent that there are many challenges facing young people as they, with the help of one or more parents/guardians, work to navigate their school life. They face such challenges as personal identity, moral decision making, and relational development.

Through this blog platform, we have committed to share resources with you that can serve to address these questions and assist in the decision making process. As such, we have included a link within this post from the website This particular post addresses the question: Why Christian Education


As you read this, please remember: there is no such thing as a perfect Christian school. Christian schools are filled with flawed people. At CRCS, we are an open school. That means that you do not have to be a Christian to attend our school. Naturally all of our staff are Christians, committed to delivering education with a biblical worldview. And that is the key to the answer to the “Why” question. What worldview do you want your child’s education to be based on? We trust that this and future resources we share will help you to answer the “Why” question for you.

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