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The Memory: To Bury…or To Cherish

Memory…it is an elusive thing. One moment you find yourself struggling to recall something. You try and try and, for whatever reason, you just cannot recapture what you are trying to remember.  The next moment, with what seems to be without any effort whatsoever, what you were struggling to recall arrives.  Such is the human condition.

Not only is memory elusive. It is also powerful in its impact and can be a two-edged sword. It can take you back to a time or moment that you cherished or back to one that you would like to bury forever. It is the great equalizer. Nicholas Sparks, author of “A Walk to Remember”, a novel which later served as the source for a successful feature film of the same name, says this about such moments:

“There are moments when I wish I could roll back the clock and take all the sadness away, but I have the feeling that if I did, the joy would be gone as well.”

The Daily Battle – Pondering Why

Right now, with the health concerns surrounding Covid-19 and all of the changes we have had to adjust to, we all find ourselves navigating through a very unique and, safe to say, quite troubling set of circumstances to say the least. We see and hear daily about the stresses and pressures being placed upon our first responders and healthcare personnel. We hear about the suffering and the loss of life.

It raises the question that many, if not most, have pondered, “Why is this happening?” We won’t attempt to answer that question here. Suffice to say, we do know that no matter how dark and difficult things may appear, God’s hand of providence continues to move in ways that are both seen and unseen.

How We Respond

What we will address here is the topic of memory. Ponder this future scenario: The pandemic is long past. A sense of normal life has returned. You’re sitting down at Thanksgiving dinner with friends and loved ones and the conversation turns to the “Coronavirus Battle”. What memories will you have created for those sitting around you at that dinner? For your family members? For your children? When you try to recall how you responded to this experience, what will you recall about yourself? Will it be a memory that you cherish…or one that you will want to bury?

We can only control how we respond to the challenges before us. How we respond and those who bear witness to that response will serve as the basis for how we will answer that question. Let’s purpose, in light of what is uncertainty and stress today, to be a voice of encouragement for those in our personal circle. In scripture, even Paul, a powerful witness for the Gospel and author of several epistles in the New Testament, needed a voice of encouragement. One of those voices came in the person of Barnabas who came beside Paul during his most difficult experiences. Let that be your call.

When the Covid-19 pandemic is in the history books, what will those close to you remember about you? About how you responded to the stresses and pressures of this experience? Use these questions as part of your guidepost as you open your eyes each day.

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