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Teachers Are Not Just Role Models

If you were to stop someone cold and ask them to name someone outside of their family that impacted their life, you can be sure that many, if not most, of the times they will name a teacher or coach. No surprises here, we’re sure. These are people who have a daily and regular influence on the minds and hearts of children, particularly teachers. They are the ones that step into a child’s personal world to pass on the knowledge and information needed to prepare them for the world that awaits. Beyond that, they have a bigger and more subtle influence. Teachers impact students by the way they speak, their attitudes, their reactions to challenges, and how they treat those under their charge. These are just to name a few. So they go beyond being a role model. They become life models.

In the Christian school classroom, something occurs that is indeed powerful. Something that enables a teacher to be used as a mighty instrument. That teacher can bring into the learning discussion the truth found in Scripture. Combined with a motivation fueled by our Creator, this “life model” teacher integrates this truth into the learning process that provides the firm foundation upon which students grow academically, emotionally, and morally. Students begin to see the big picture that God has created. That the world has a purpose. And, within this world, each student has a unique purpose.

The teacher’s commitment compels an open, unashamed love and service to Christ. The government does not hinder these teachings, nor the reading of the Bible, nor prayer; all three are common every day occurrences. The teachers openly demonstrate and model Christian principles.

Will teachers make mistakes? Will they stumble? Naturally. Without question. However in a Christian school environment, students have the advantage of learning that this is a condition of life. They will also learn to embrace the fact that there was (and is) only one perfect Person. And they will learn to look past the flawed ones to that one perfect one who has knitted them together. This will serve them greatly as they move through their academic journey and life. No better time than to start them now learning this in a school that can provide this foundation.

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