Summer Camp 2018


Each week campers will:

  1. Enjoy exciting chapels which include high energy songs of praise and powerful lessons.
  2. Participate in activities, crafts, and games which are related to the weekly theme.
  3. Enjoy a day at the pool (weather permitting — Group A pool day is on campus while Groups B & C visit the Pohick Bay Regional Park Pool).
  4. Take a trip or enjoy a special event which enhances our weekly theme.

Group A: Preschool and rising kindergarten students: $270/week
Groups B & C: 1st graders through rising 7th graders: $280/week

Theme Weeks for 2018



June 11 – 15
Aloha, Summer

Summer is cool, there’s no school! We are welcoming summer by traveling to the islands of Hawaii. Be ready to create a summer supply box, set your summer goals and begin writing in your summer journal. We will turn up the heat and soak up the sun with no shortage of smoothies, volcanoes, and splashing. Practice your moves for summer dancing, summer celebrating and summer relaxing. Bring on the beach balls, beach sand, and beach music. Are you ready for summer? WE ARE!

June 18 – 22
Game On

Grab your megaphones, lace up your cleats, and stretch those muscles! It’s Game Time! Our athletes will play games inside, outside and even upside down. Be ready for some old favorites and some brand new games, too. We will learn how to be a TEAM and how to PLAY hard, WIN like a champ and LOSE with humility. Each athlete will realize God has given him or her His ultimate playbook… the BIBLE! He wants them to join His team, train hard, celebrate salvation, and encourage one another. Get in the spirit! Get in the game!

June 25 – 29
Desert Oasis
It’s dry, it’s hot, it’s AWESOME! Our campers will learn about desert survival as they trek through the Alexandria desert. We will spot scorpions, taste a cactus and learn how to hike with a compass. Wait until you see our beautiful sunset mural and the creative prickly cactus that we create. Don’t worry… We will find an oasis or two and even drink desert juice. Remeber how the Israelites traveled in the desert for 40 years? We will learn how God protected them in the desert and how He does the same for us today.

July 2 – 6 (Closed on 7/4)

Nifty Fifty

Road Trip USA! Pack your bags! Our campers will travel from sea to shining sea exploring the USA. In New York, we will discover the Statue of Liberty and build skyscrapers. In California, we will dig for gold and catch a wave. In Texas, we will rustle up tasty BBQ and line up some lasso lessons. With fifty states to explore, we are going to be busy singing state songs, tasting state foods, learning state facts and making personalized license plates. We will honor our military, pray for our country and celebrate the good ole’ U.S. of A! Let’s hit the road campers!
July 9 – 13
Animal Planet
Animals here, animals there, animals everywhere! Campers will enjoy learning about animals, their habitats, and behaviors. We will paint animal patterns, look for animal footprints and mold our favorite animal sculptures. Bring your favorite stuffed animal for the Animal Show! We will bake animal cookies, design animal masks and learn how God used animals in the Bible to serve Him. We will even take a trip to meet animals up close and personal! ROAR!


July 16 – 20
Super Secret Spies
Campers will become Secret Spies as they try to solve several mysteries throughout the week. We’ll use the Bible to help us crack the code of how to share our faith with others. Campers will use magnifying glasses to solve the secrets that lurk around every corner. The clues may even be edible, alive or slimy! We will learn about real spies and even practice spy skills. Together with counselors, campers will use clues each day to solve the big mystery by Friday… or else!


July 23 – 27
Ready, Set, BUILD
Calling all construction workers! We need your help to BUILD, DESTROY and CONSTRUCT with all types of materials. Will you use marshmallows? Legos? Bricks? Toothpicks? Each day, campers will build awesome structures from bridges to skyscrapers to monuments. By the end of the week, we will create an entire city! God’s Words shows us the building blocks needed to construct a godly life, so let’s get building. Grab your hard hat and watch out for safety cones! Don’t worry, we will take some building breaks in the lumber yard and share some laughs at the orange safety vest fashion show! Remember, safety first!


July 30 – August 3
Symphony of the Five Senses
Taste, Touch, Smell, Sight, Hear… WOW! God has blessed us with all of these senses to enjoy, discover and understand His world. Each day we will use our senses to play, learn and be amazed by God’s handiwork. What’s your favorite smell? What’s your favorite thing to taste? We will learn how animals use their senses, too! Would you like to taste like a bear and feel like a fly? Just wait for the Smell-a-thon, Taste-o-Rama and the Touch Zone!


August 6 – 10
Splish, Splash, Water Bash
Let’s have a soaking good time getting wet, wet and even wetter! We will wade into God’s Word and learn what to do when we feel overwhelmed by the waters of life. Campers will get squeaky clean at our Bubble Battle and compete against their counselors at the first ever Splish, Splash, Water Bash Challenge! Edible aquariums, water balloon piñatas, and a watermelon seed spitting contest are all on our wet, wacky, wonderful schedule. Bring your towel, bring your sunblock, bring your watertude.


Group A: Preschool and rising kindergarten students: $270/week
Groups B & C: 1st graders through rising 7th graders: $280/week