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Gentle Parenting: Does It Bring a Desirable Outcome?The Lowdown on Gentle Parenting First off, gentle parenting is not new. It’s a philosophy that emphasizes empathy, respect, …2024/05/14Uncategorized2024-05-14 14:39:13
Preparing your Child for KindergartenOne of the hallmark periods of the parent journey is getting your children ready for …2024/02/19Uncategorized2024-02-19 17:06:54
Making His-StoryIn America, we set aside the month of February to celebrate Black History. Doing this …2023/03/02Uncategorized2023-03-02 06:53:49
Giving, Thankfulness, and ProvidenceOne very important part of our mission at CRCS is to turn the eyes of …2023/03/02Uncategorized2023-03-02 06:51:40
Seeking Divine Intervention for Your ChildrenFor us at Calvary Road Christian School, we have purposed ourselves to raise academic scholars …2023/03/02Uncategorized2023-03-02 06:49:11
Back to School – Getting ReadyIt is that time of year…again. Seems to come around faster and faster. And comes …2022/08/11Uncategorized2022-08-11 11:00:50
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Children of InfluenceAs a loving parent, you desire that your child’s life will count. You want him/her …2022/01/24Uncategorized2022-01-24 01:54:24
Memories, Gifts, and PromisesMemories are powerful. Memories connected to the Christmas season can be even more so. They …2022/01/10Uncategorized2022-01-10 02:21:41
My Child, Lie…??One of the most difficult things for any parent to accept is the act of …2021/11/08Uncategorized2021-11-08 11:05:01
Steps for Pandemic RecoveryRecently, a superintendent of a highly rated school system in the mid-Atlantic area of the …2021/10/18Uncategorized2021-10-18 12:13:11
Identity – Who Am I?With the advent and explosion of the digital and social media world, it is obvious …2021/08/13Uncategorized2021-08-13 10:55:35
When “Empty” has Full MeaningAs we approach Resurrection Sunday, we would like to put before you a school story …2021/04/03Uncategorized2021-04-03 11:20:56
Failure Is an Option…And It Is NecessaryRecently a series of observations were made by teachers who conduct virtual learning across various …2021/03/08Uncategorized2021-03-08 20:56:10
Looking into the Uncertainty of 2021We are a few weeks into the New Year. Depending on how you look at …2021/01/18Uncategorized2021-01-18 14:16:48
Help MeIf you are engaging in television entertainment much these days (safe to say this is …2020/12/11Uncategorized2020-12-11 13:01:31
Principled Civility: A Necessary Pursuit for the TimesGod created each one of us uniquely…with talents and abilities that we can use to …2020/11/09Uncategorized2020-11-09 13:43:34
Integrity: Raisin Bran vs WheatiesNot long ago, a staff pastor of a church was reflecting on an experience he …2020/10/14Uncategorized2020-10-14 13:58:14
Resiliency – Vital for ThrivingThe school year is beginning. As a parent, you are navigating waters that you never …2020/09/07Uncategorized2020-09-07 14:22:08
Looking Away from Covid-19To use a phrase that describes the overwhelming significance of an event or challenge, “Covid-19 …2020/05/26Uncategorized2020-05-26 15:02:35
The Memory: To Bury…or To CherishMemory…it is an elusive thing. One moment you find yourself struggling to recall something. You …2020/05/11Uncategorized2020-05-11 02:42:46
A Unique EasterWe enter this Easter experiencing an environment that is anathema to what we as humans, …2020/04/13Uncategorized2020-04-13 00:29:01
Disruption – The Down Side and the Divine SideThe dictionary definition of disruption: a disturbance or problem which interrupts an event, activity, or process. Suffice …2020/04/01Uncategorized2020-04-01 04:09:44
Bringing Meaningful Change into the New YearYes…it is a new year….and a new decade. Twice the reason to resolve for change …2020/01/13Uncategorized2020-01-13 02:48:26
More Mean Moms NeededDid this title catch your attention? Did it even possibly shock your senses to see …2019/12/03Uncategorized2019-12-03 00:36:15
Handling Conflict…A Vital SkillFamily conflict is real. It is as old as the scriptures. No one enjoys conflict. …2019/10/21Uncategorized2019-10-21 08:05:53
Showing Respect via Common CourtesiesIt is never too young (well almost never) and indeed never too late to teach …2019/09/30Uncategorized2019-09-30 07:24:30
Getting Them Ready to LearnThere is probably no more sensitive time in a parent’s life than when their children …2019/09/13Uncategorized2019-09-13 07:18:40
Starting Right is ParamountAs we enter this new school year, remember that to end the year well, you …2019/08/20Uncategorized2019-08-20 00:53:50
Child Safety – Now…and AlwaysLike any parent, utmost in your mind is the safety of your children. In this …2019/07/15Uncategorized2019-07-15 06:05:44
Mind Fun in the SummertimeOkay…school is out and the summer has begun. Pools are open and the lazy days …2019/06/11Uncategorized2019-06-11 06:44:31
Selfish Speak– Does Your Child Speak This Language?An interesting thing happened this week among some of our younger students? Possibly you have …2019/04/30Uncategorized2019-04-30 03:37:46
Finishing StrongOk. Here it is. You are arm in arm with your children as you approach …2019/03/22Uncategorized2019-03-22 04:00:48
#exposeChristianSchoolsIf you have been paying attention to the news recently, you likely have seen stories …2019/02/01Uncategorized2019-02-01 03:23:33
To Resolve in This New YearIt is that time of year again. We take stock of the years past and …2019/01/07Uncategorized2019-01-07 02:50:12
Parent Vs Teacher OR Parent & TeacherThere is a trend that has developed over the last several years or more. This …2018/12/05Uncategorized2018-12-05 03:08:40
Creating MemoriesOne of the most exciting things you can do as parents is to capture memories …2018/11/20Uncategorized2018-11-20 03:25:33
Parenting TipsWe would like to do something a bit different with this blog post. Our Administrator …2018/10/25Uncategorized2018-10-25 02:02:38
Christian Education and the Common GoodYou have to be a hermit today to not see the divisions that exist in …2018/10/09Uncategorized2018-10-09 05:46:22
How to Prepare a Child for the Beginning of SchoolThe beginning of the school year for children is always a moment for pause. While …2018/08/28Uncategorized2018-08-28 01:29:05
How to Raise an Entitled PunkYes…you are probably wondering why an article with such a title is appearing on a …2018/08/07Uncategorized2018-08-07 03:40:42
Dedicate: to devote commit, pledge, give, surrender, sacrificeWe would like to turn to a topic that, if you are in the education …2018/06/25Uncategorized2018-06-25 06:03:51
Educating Your Kids on Money – Part IIStep 7: Start an Earnings-Based Allowance An allowance is a great teaching tool if it …2018/06/04Uncategorized2018-06-04 01:01:31
Educating Your Kids on Money – Part IWith summer almost unofficially upon us (Memorial Day weekend signifies its unofficial start), kids will …2018/05/15Uncategorized2018-05-15 08:44:29
CRCS Summer Camp: The Place to BeIn less than two months, summer will arrive. It’s that time of the year when …2018/04/23Uncategorized2018-04-23 06:17:48
Meet our Fine Arts Program DirectorMeet Dr. Susie Elliott. She is completing her 24th year of service on the CRCS …2018/04/16Uncategorized2018-04-16 04:26:05
Developing Good Sleep HygieneIt is not uncommon for teachers to encounter students in their classes who are drowsy …2018/03/19Uncategorized2018-03-19 02:07:57
The Legacy of Dr. Billy GrahamOn the morning of February 21, 2018, Dr. Billy Graham breathed his last breath and …2018/03/01Uncategorized2018-03-01 08:01:22
Don’t Shield Them from Loss and FailureHere are some lines from a movie. See if you recognize them: “What is pain? …2018/02/22Uncategorized2018-02-22 04:26:33
Being Safe and Secure in this New Digital WorldWe live in an amazing digital world. Resources that were all just analog and paper …2018/02/13Uncategorized2018-02-13 08:45:55
A Good Education vs a Full EducationWhat exactly is a Christian environment for a school? What advantages does it provide a …2018/02/09Uncategorized2018-02-09 02:06:48
Education Is More than Academic ExcellenceWhen parents pursue educational alternatives outside of the public school domain, part of their motivation …2018/01/31Uncategorized2018-01-31 02:13:32
Teachers Are Not Just Role ModelsIf you were to stop someone cold and ask them to name someone outside of …2018/01/23Uncategorized2018-01-23 06:12:43
The True Standard for Emotional SafetyOne of the reasons we often hear from families for seeking a private Christian school …2018/01/17Uncategorized2018-01-17 06:19:54
Creating Overnight Monumental Success as a ParentAs 2018 commences, most parents are naturally seeking to improve over the previous year. Reflections …2018/01/08Uncategorized2018-01-08 08:23:58
Why Christian Education?As we enter 2018, many parents are already preparing for school year 2018-19. Some have …2018/01/03Uncategorized2018-01-03 05:50:51
The “True Meaning” of ChristmasIt is that time of year again. The Christmas season is upon us. It can …2017/12/18Uncategorized2017-12-18 06:20:48
Stress, Self-absorption: A Simple SolutionThe Christmas season is in full swing. Or…would it be more accurate to say that …2017/12/11Uncategorized2017-12-11 07:37:21
Helping Students Find True Self-worthIt is amazing how early in a child’s life that peer pressure can affect a …2017/11/30Uncategorized2017-11-30 07:53:45
Always Bailing Them Out ?There is no doubt that parenting plays to the most natural instincts of a human …2017/11/18Uncategorized2017-11-18 04:12:07
Launching the CRCS BlogWelcome to the CRCS Blog. We are excited to launch this platform as an added …2017/11/15Uncategorized2017-11-15 09:13:23