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Education Is More than Academic Excellence

When parents pursue educational alternatives outside of the public school domain, part of their motivation is to find a place where academic excellence exists and the educational quality is high. Research has demonstrated that academic performance found in private Christian schools generally exceeds that found in public schools. This is not an indictment of public schools. However, it is a reliable observation based on the fact that private Christian schools are able to enforce stricter standards of behavior and academic performance. This, combined with smaller class sizes, makes private Christian education a very appealing choice for parents.

In the 2017 ACSI-Barna Report on Christian education, the survey captured and ranked a list of reasons why parents pursue private Christian education. The 5 top reasons are:

  1. Strong principles and values
  2. Love for God and people
  3. Wisdom (ability to apply knowledge)
  4. Faithfulness and obedience to God
  5. Leadership skills and abilities

Interestingly enough, of the list of 14 reasons given by parents, financial success came in at number 13. That is not to say that financial success is not important or desirable. But that, in and of itself, does not provide for a purposeful and fulfilling life. Throughout our society financial success can be seen in many quarters. But, when one examines those who have achieved such success, many times a void will show itself. This is the void that our Creator fills by giving us a purpose for which we can live a fulfilling life. Private Christian education is a great resource and environment for children to discover who they are and Whose they are.

No schooling environment is perfect. That goes without saying. But a private Christian education based upon the integration of scriptural truth into the curriculum and into the process of moral and spiritual character development will serve a family tremendously. All that parents need to do is to become an ally of that school and work as partners with teachers and administrators in the pursuit of the true excellence that our Creator intends.

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