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Always Bailing Them Out ?

There is no doubt that parenting plays to the most natural instincts of a human being. We brought children into the world, kept them alive, and now we want to see our efforts rewarded, which is seeing them live a fulfilling, prosperous life.

Nonetheless there will be bumps in the road for them. You know it because you probably went through them yourself. What did that experience do for you? It built character. It cultivated problem-solving skills. It allowed you to grow into the person you are to this day. It compelled you to think critically about how you might get through or over those bumps.

However, there is a tendency for some (often many) parents to let their emotions and desires get the best of them and run to the rescue of their children when they stumble. Their intentions are understandable but their long-term impact can be crippling. When your children leave your home and step out into their independent lives, you will not be there to bail them out of every difficult challenge that they face. It is important now to let them pay the price for their mistakes so those lessons will become ingrained early.

Do not rob your child of the process of gaining this knowledge or experience. Life is a constant game of on-the-job training. Bailing them out of every situation gives your child no sense of consequence, and will cause a reliance on you to bail them out every time. It creates a co-dependency. Sure, you can offer your child advice on certain situations, but let them steer the ship.

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