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A Good Education vs a Full Education

What exactly is a Christian environment for a school? What advantages does it provide a parent who is considering a Christian school? First, it is important to note that a Christian environment is not a utopia. It is not a place absent of sin and flawed people. On the contrary, in any Christian school, you are going to find both. So what is the advantage for having your child in such an environment?

First and foremost, it is important to remember that the ultimate responsibility for a child’s education and upbringing is the parents. They set the priorities and identify the principles by which their children will be educated. So as parents/guardians pursue the environment for their children’s education, choosing a Christian school means that they are selecting and embracing a place whose priorities and principles are scripturally-based. It is an environment that serves as a partner in how parents are raising their children. As such, when children encounter sin and flaws (whether it be their own or that of others), they will be within an environment that points them to truth and principles that comprise our Creator’s blueprint for life.

When you as a parent have to confront your children’s flaws and sins, you can be sure that the partner Christian school you have chosen is aligned with you. Does that mean that you will not encounter challenges with your school? With the staff? With your child’s teacher? Of course not. But it will mean that you and the school will be on the same page when it comes to resolving whatever conflict or pursuing whatever opportunity is before you.

Can your children get a good education at a public school? Sure. But that is not the key question. The real question is, can they get a full education. By “full”, we mean one that combines academic excellence with character development, spiritual growth, and service to others. We submit that such an environment is the domain of a Christian school where students and parents can learn that excellence in academics is just a part of what comprises a full education. In the Christian classroom, your child will learn the Biblical truth absolutely necessary for living a balanced Christian life. Learning how to achieve this balance is the other major component that comprises a full education.

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