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Calvary Road Christian School Computer Usage Policy 2022

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CRCS believes that technology has much to offer students with its wide variety of resources. It is the school’s goal to educate students about efficient, ethical, and appropriate use of these resources. Students shall use school computers for educational purposes only. Educational purposes include designated teacher assignments and/or educational self-discovery activities during the school day and during extended care programs. Because it is impossible to anticipate all ways in which individuals may use these resources, the intent of this policy is for guided application of our principles. Access to computers, the Internet and other technology resources is a privilege. Permission for the use of computers, the Internet and other technology resources will be granted to students who have received appropriate training. The signed agreement form is required.

In addition to this policy, CRCS also uses Internet filtering software to protect our students from inappropriate Internet material. Although no filtering software is 100 percent effective, this policy and the Internet filtering software will provide a high level of protection for our students. Further, CRCS will provide age (grade) appropriate supervision of students while using technological resources including, but not limited to computers, the Internet, electronic devices, recording and photographic equipment and training that spells out appropriateness, general instruction, and technology etiquette.

General Computer Usage

The student will strive to act in all situations with honesty, integrity, and respect for the rights of others. The student will make a concerted effort to be a good testimony to fellow students, to faculty, staff and others with whom he/she interacts. Students may not use the technology to:
  • Download or install any type of software or other items, be it commercial software, shareware, malicious software, or freeware, onto network drives or disks, without direct teacher instructions.

  • Engage in illegal activity.

  • Share their account with others or use another user’s account.

  • Gain unauthorized access to resources or to circumvent computer network security, including web filtering software.

  • Read, copy, modify or erase other students’ files.

  • Deliberately attempt to disrupt the computer by hitting the power or sleep buttons, or by any other method, including vandalism.

  • Disable programs.

  • Horseplay or rough behavior that results in damage to computer equipment. Such action will result in disciplinary action and remuneration of broken equipment.

  • Reproduce copyrighted material without explicit written permission.

  • Plagiarize. Students shall stay within the bounds of the “fair use doctrine” of copyright law and must cite the source of information taken from the Internet. Students who plagiarize will be subject to academic penalties.

  • Download , listen to, or watch music, video, picture, or similar files unless specific permission is given by a staff member and the files are directly related to use for a school approved project. Under no circumstances may files be downloaded for a portable electronic device.

  • Post or publish inappropriate messages or information

Internet Usage

  • Students shall not use the Internet for purchasing products or services.

  • Students shall not play a computer game that allows them to communicate with anyone on the Internet (multi-player games).

  • Students shall not reveal personal contact information about themselves while on the Internet.

  • Students shall not communicate with someone on the Internet through email, chat, or any other similar program.

  • Should a student accidentally encounter inappropriate material they shall disengage from it immediately and report it to their teacher.

  • Students may not attempt to bypass the filter to access inappropriate material. Any attempt to do so will result in automatic suspension from the lab. Some inappropriate material would be, but not limited to, violent games and websites dealing with pornography and/or offensive language.

  • In addition, students may not:

  • Use school provided technology resources to participate in financial gain/transactions or gaming.

  • Engage in electronic communication including, but not limited to digital social networking, blogs, text messaging, instant messaging or personal email. Students may use a “flash drive” for purposes of transporting homework to and from school. No email is permitted for any purpose.

  • Use a teacher’s computer at any time or for any reason.

Internet/Computers/CRCS Network Environment:

Monitoring User/Network Activity – In order to enforce policy statements regarding use of CRCS computer systems, CRCS reserves the right to monitor its user’s activity on the computer\networked systems. Monitoring will be performed on both a routine and random basis by system administrators for the purpose of assuring quality performance and appropriate use of school technology. In addition, CRCS may from time to time need to access messages and or files for back up, maintenance, and other administrative purposes. Users, therefore, should not have any expectations of personal privacy with respect to any message sent, received or file stored on any CRCS computer or electronic communications systems.

Technology Disclaimer

The Internet user and his/her parent/guardian must understand that he/she uses the Internet at his/her own risk. Considering the provisions mentioned above, CRCS cannot assume responsibility for:
  • The reliability of the content of a source. Students must evaluate and cite sources appropriately.

  • Inappropriate material that bypasses the web filtering software.

  • Costs incurred if a student requests a product or a service for a fee.

  • Any consequences of disruption in service that may result in lack of resources. Though every effort will be made to insure a reliable connection, there may be times when the Internet service is down or scheduled for use by teachers, classes, or other students.

Disciplinary Process

Students who violate the above policy will be warned on the first offense and shall receive notification about the violation. Additional offenses will result in suspension from computer usage. Students will receive zeros on all computer assignments during the time of suspension. CRCS may suspend access to the computer lab upon violation of this agreement. Violation of this agreement may also result in disciplinary action in accordance to the disciplinary code of CRCS.

Students will not be allowed to use school computers until we have a signed copy of this agreement on file.

Computer Usage Policy

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