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Updated / Current as of Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Student busy reading Calvary Road Christian School places a great deal of emphasis on our students reading abilities. To foster interest in reading, we participate in Reading Counts! Quizzes from Scholastic to test our students comprehension of the books they read, as well as a quarterly comprehension assessment, Scholastic Reading Inventory.  Both of these programs are designed to improve your child's reading abilities.  Reading Counts! is described as boasting "reading achievement with a "proven program that provides leveled, measurable, independent reading practice for K–12 students district- and school-wide!""

We are pleased to provide a variety of on-line search capabilities that allow you to narrow your search by book title, author, reading level, or Lexile. Remember that the current list contains over 60,000 books.

As of Tuesday, March 31, 2015, all new books and updates are included in the main table.

Reading and Quizzes To assist your searching our database of books, we are providing a variety of search forms. In addition to the search forms, the Complete Listing of Books includes a full list of all 57,000+ books in the library but is generally of little use from a practical perspective. However, this page also contains a non-searchable, complete list of all books we have written in Spanish..

The search pages offered allow you to search our database by: Book Title, Author Name, Grade Level and by Lexile score. Each of these methods are on a separate page.

We do our best to provide this information as current as possible but we will occasionally miss a book or not make the information as current as you might desire. Be assured we are doing the best we can and if you have any questions about the information provided please drop a note to our IT Coordinator.



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