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This is a complete list of English language books currently in the CRCS reading list. For a list of Spanish language books use the above link.

You may sort this list by clicking on the Header of any column. Sorting may take a few moments since this list contains over 55,000 books.

* Please note that a Lexile of "0" stands for no Lexile being assigned, that is "N/A." A Lexile of "1" stands for a Lexile designation of BR, the basic level for the lowest grade. In other words a Lexile of BR means that the book is below a proficient reading level. For practical purposes this means that books marked "1" or "BR" are of no use for test purposes. If the Lexile field is blank, this is the equivalent of a "0".

Book TitleAuthor's Last NameAuthor's First NameLexileReading LevelInterest LevelpointswordCounttype
$1.00 Word Riddle Book, TheBurns Marilyn80063-531317Fiction
(Re)cyclerMcLaughlin Lauren6304High School1663418Fiction
...Or Not?Mandabach Brian84059-122398676Fiction
1 Zany ZooDegman Lori8605K-21415Fiction
1,000 Reasons Never To Kiss A BoyFreeman Martha79046-81558937Fiction
1,2,3 In The BoxTarlow Ellen 1K-2123Fiction
10 Best Animal Camouflages, TheLindsey Cameron95066-867686Non-Fiction
10 Best Animal Helpers, TheCarnelos Melissa99076-867393Non-Fiction
10 Best Love Poems, TheHanson Sharon84056-868332Non-Fiction
10 Best Plays, TheNyman Debbie92066-8610044Non-Fiction
10 Best Things About My Dad, TheLoomis Christine 2K-21155Fiction
10 Best TV Game Shows, TheQuan-D'Eramo Sandra96066-869787Non-Fiction
10 Best Underdog Stories In Sports, TheGoh Michelle100076-869083Non-Fiction
10 Boldest Explorers, TheScholastic 102079-1268908Non-Fiction
10 Bravest Everyday Heroes, TheBeardsley Sally91066-868575Non-Fiction
10 Coolest Dance Crazes, TheSwartz Larry87056-867660Non-Fiction
10 Coolest Flying Machines, TheCond Sandie96066-867718Non-Fiction
10 Coolest Wonders Of The Universe, TheSamuel Nigel102076-868662Non-Fiction
10 Days: Anne FrankColbert David98073-5615659Non-Fiction
10 Deadliest Plants, TheLittlefield Angie94066-869002Non-Fiction
10 Deadliest Predators On Land, TheJenkins Jennifer Meghan97066-868841Non-Fiction
10 Deadliest Sea Creatures, TheScholastic 101079-1266976Non-Fiction
10 Deadliest Snakes, TheScholastic 97069-1268742Non-Fiction
10 Fat TurkeysJohnston Tony 2K-21197Non-Fiction
10 For DinnerBogart Jo Ellen8202K-21328Fiction
10 Funniest People, TheScholastic 96069-1268930Non-Fiction
10 Greatest 21st Century Innovations, TheFielder Scott107086-867718Non-Fiction
10 Greatest Accidental Inventions, TheBooth Jack90066-868449Non-Fiction
10 Greatest American Presidents, TheScholastic 84059-1267306Non-Fiction

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